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153rd Military Police Company (CS)

April 07, 2011

"Proven in Combat"

The 153rd MP Company's mission involves combat zone responsibilities to include protection of vehicle routes, defile control, route reconnaissance and straggler control. Can be utilized in direct combat and during peacetime. Five main functions include, maneuver and mobility support operations, area security operations, law and order operations, internment and resettlement operations, as well as police intelligence operations.

The unit was established September 1996 and is located in Delaware City, Delaware. In the first several years the unit completed missions in Panama (1997, 1998), and the Dominican Republic (1999).

In 2000, the unit participated in a large regional exercise, Operation Blue Crab at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. In 2001 the 153rd traveled to Ft. Bliss, Texas and white Sands Missile Range, New Mexico to participate in Operation Roving Sands.

In April of 2002 the unit was ordered to active duty in support of Operation Desert Spring and later Operation Iraqi Freedom. This was the largest mobilization of the Delaware Army National Guard since World War II. The unit mobilized through Ft. Dix, New Jersey and proceeded to Eskan Village, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The unit was responsible for Force Protection for ARCENT-SA from September 2002 to May 2003.

2003 through 2005 saw intensive efforts to retrain and re-equip the unit. In August 2005 members of the unit deployed to Gulfport Mississippi in response to Hurricane Katrina. The unit conducted law and order and humanitarian aid missions for 31 days.

In 2007, the unit participated in Operation Jump Start along the Arizona/Mexico border. United States Customs and Border Patrol was supported by operating entry identification teams in the Arizona Desert. Over 500 illegal immigrants and 2.5 million dollars worth of illegal drugs were seized.

In April 2007 the unit was again called to active duty in support of the war in Iraq. This marked the first time a Delaware National Guard Unit was deployed twice under Operation Iraqi Freedom. In June 2007, the unit mobilized through Ft. Dix and deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. They established operations out of Camp Liberty and Forward Operatiing Base (FOB) Kalsu.

The unit participated in the training of Iraqi police officers, and personal security detail (PSD) for the 18th Military Police Brigade's Police Training Team (PTT). The 153rd also conducted PSD missions for the MNC-I commanding general, Sons of Iraq (SOI) training, police academy recruitment, as well as humanitarian missions throughout Iraq. The average Soldier logged over 250 combat patrols on some of the most dangerous streets in the world. The unit returned without casualities in May 2008.

The 56th Presidential Inauguration saw the federal activation of the MP company once again. The 153rd MPs were deputized, with a mission of supporting the Capital Police, and Secret Service. They provided crowd control, manned traffic control points, and supplied a quick reaction force (QRF) in support of the 44th POTUS's Inauguration.

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